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& Distribution

It is obvious that warehousing and distribution management are no easy tasks; and that is why we are here to help. Given our readily established network, we are able to provide high efficiency storage and fulfillment throughout the world. We offer master packaging, fulfillment / assembly services, as well as inventory / activity reports along with the capability of immediate shipping response. As a result, you will never have to worry about being out-of-stock or overstocked with us smoothening the supply chain flow for you.

We also acknowledge that downtime are extremely costly for you. Likewise, we can help you minimize shipment downtime. Most of the time, downtime causes most churns when it happens unexpectedly. Thus, we help track, review, identify and create contingency plans dealing with unscheduled downtimes. Moreover, our long-standing relationships with many capable suppliers that are reviewed regularly also ensure maximum efficiency. These are assets available to you that could generate paramount business growth.


Pick N Pack & Cross Docking

Packcraft Fulfillment specializes in pick, pack, and ship services for product fulfillment. For years, our ability to work with complex orders, high SKU counts, and unique packaging requirements has been what separates us from our competitors. We provide you with a unique pick, pack, and ship solution that offers the capability, flexibility, and proven process to deliver a competitive advantage.


Packcraft is specialized in the field of packaging and design with five agent offices based throughout Asia. We have the resources and ability to provide customers with high capability of logistics solution starting from packaging to final destination deliveries.

•      4 Shipping Port support

•      Co-operates closely with several major forwarders

•      Maintain and adjust shipping schedules for immediate adjustments.

•      Maximize and utilizes container space.

•      Maximize orders Per 1x20’, 1x40’ or 1x40’HQ according to delivery request, and available space.

•      Facilitate delivery according to customers' request.

Inventory Management

Pcackcraft set up a Vendor Managed Inventory system for you where you pay for stock when you use it. Therefore, it is cost efficient for warehousing fee, labor cost and time of managing your extra MOQ inventory. We cooperate with you to set up stock system, manage your inventory, and adjust levels based on forecasting and usage rates.

Pick N Pack & Cross Docking
Inventory Management

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