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Packcraft firmly believe that every client has its own specific demand for each project. Therefore, we approach our clients with customized solutions on each unique case and deliver the best designs tailoring towards varying objectives.

We understand that current business dynamic has shifted away from a traditional vendor-buyer relationship and transitioned into a relationship emphasizing partnership. We valued ourselves as our client’s trusted business partner that continuously works towards reducing end-to-end supply chain costs, minimizing risks and disruptions and have more transparency on supplier operations.


Global Sourcing

Our sourcing service tailors your sourcing options to meet specific requirements and ensures the compliance with regulations and industry standards. Through a growing network of over 10,000+ suppliers in China, Packcraft is equipped with the ability to find quality-conscious, sustainable, cost-competitive manufacturers that matches your production needs.

From our 30+ years of industry experience, we are able to identify trustworthy and reliable partner factories guaranteeing the most competitive price, quality production, and timely delivery. Our services includes:

•      Raw Material Sourcing

•      Factory Sourcing

•      Retailer Manufacturer

Supply Chain Management

Our account managers are profiled specialists with an average of 10 years of experience in the field with consistent training and verification. Utilizing our knowledge, we help you to confirm the competency of potential supplier factories and ensure the delivery of your production is within specifications. Our account managers also wear a project management hat to help you address and prevent potential costly disruptions once production is launched. We are also there for you when negotiation or consulting is needed if any issues are to arise. Understanding your goal is to establish long-term relationship with suppliers, we offer in-depth insights on potential business partners and make recommendations based on your supply chain strategy.

Quality Assurance Program 

In many times, factories may over-commit their abilities which may lead to failing results and performance below your expectations. Therefore, it is important to have information transparency on the factory’s production control process. At Packcraft, we offer more than just that, we help you identify risks and opportunities for improvement in the manufacturing processes and implements a feedback loop system that refines processes to meet your desired results. Our quality assurance program protects you against major supply chain risks and provides remedies through our services including:

•      Vendor Compliance

•      Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

•      During Production Inspection (DPI)

•      Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

•      Container Loading Supervision (CLS)

•      Manufacturing Control

Global Sourcing
Supply Chain Management
Quality Assurance Program

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