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& Assembly

Packcraft's unique packaging, labeling and sorting capabilities help our customers effectively manage their supply chain through our remarkable resilience of services. We are dedicated to provide solutions that enhance safety, quality and convenience of products we use every day. We offer high flexibility to our client’s packaging style, kitting options and assembly assistance from all of our professional packing facilities around the world.


Custom Packaging & Kitting

Packcraft’s dedicated team has multiple years of experience in kitting and assembly. We've developed the expertise needed to tailor custom solutions for your needs by streamlining processes and creating efficiency. Our goal is to help our customer to reduce labor costs, save time and optimize labor efficiency when you need to sort, identify or account for your shipment on-site or in the warehouse.

Packcraft offers removing manufacturer packaging from orders consist of multiple products vendors for your shipment ahead of time. We can kit and repackage those together as requested for you with wide variety of packaging material and methods. Packcraft also makes it easy with custom labels that use color codes, bar codes and other customizations as needed. For your peace of mind, you can always keep track of these orders, kitting and deliveries via our account manager. Therefore you will have more power to control the packaging process before shipment.

Examples of Services include:

•      Bulk Packs

•      Multiple Part Kits

•      Polybags

•      Chipboard Boxes

•      Clam Shells

•      Accessory Kits

•      Consumable Kits

•      Hardware Kits

Light Assembly

Packcraft well-trained workforce specializes in lean manufacturing technologies with an emphasis on building quality systems into every process. Each assembly and assembly process is analyzed to maximize efficiencies and minimize setup. Materials are carefully managed to ensure a continuous flow for on-time delivery. All of this is done to help you maintain a competitive advantage in your market.

Custom Packaging & Kitting
Light Assembly

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