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Strengthen your company’s brand image and transform business ideas into viable commercial reality. With packaging industry expertise and network, you can gain deeper market penetration and increase overall competitiveness.

Packcraft’s Design Studio has a proven track record of providing branding and design solutions to multiple prestigious multinational firms. Better product design and marketing strategy leads to increase profit, reduce cost, better customer experience and more.


Product Design

Real product may sometimes turn out different then what you originally planned. With Packcraft’s enhanced technologies, customer with only rough ideas could visualize their imaginations through our 3D modeling services including:

•      CAD and 3D model drawing

•      3D Printing

•      360 ° product display

Package Design

While the product itself is surely important, but good packing will most definitely attract more eyeballs. We aim to optimize the visual impact of your product and display by offering the following PDQ and packaging design/ redesign.

Graphic Design

As your product is closely tied with the way it’s marketed and presented to your target audience, we ensure that it is communicated to your customers in the most appropriate and professional way. From photos on catalogue or brochure to labeling on the product, we align your product presentation with your branding strategy and deliver consistent quality.

Planogram Design/Store Display Design

To engrave your brand image into your client experience, Packcraft has the retail display solution covered as well. Coupled with good product design, customized package design and strategic graphic design, we strive to deliver the product to the hands of your customer in the most efficient manner and best in store user experience.

Product Design
Package Design
Graphic Design
Planogram Design

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